Living Codi Prime Dual Sided PE Play Mat, 3 Design ,Size L,Size M

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SKU: Living Codi Play Mat-HW-M

100% made in Korea
Uses food grade PE materials that are used even for wrapping food!
100% non-toxic, eco-friendly, chemical-free & child safe!
Dual sided designs & usages
Strong webbing on all sides with rounded corners for long lasting usage & safety
High resilience to return to its original form
Shock absorption, noise absorption, comfortable & waterproof
Popular and cost effective alternative to the PVC play mat

Unlike other low cost play mats that are mainly made in China, Living Codi Prime Dual Sided PE Play Mat is 100% made in Korea. It is dual sided, and has a wide selection of designs to suit any style of your home decor. Developed specifically with babies and toddlers in mind, it uses premium food grade PE (polyethylene) material and the latest manufacturing methodologies. These result in a play mat that is 100% non-toxic, eco-friendly, chemical-free, child safe, light weight and waterproof. Its 10mm thickness provides sufficient cushioning for the little ones to ensure a soft landing during rolling, tumbling and accidental falls. Besides reducing impacts, this dense cushioning foam mat also reduces noise between floors and has a high resilience to return to its original form. The special coating on the surface makes the mat super easy to clean and maintain (simply wipe gently with a soft damp cloth).
An essential baby product that every parent will need, especially when your little ones are learning to roll, crawl and walk!

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